WILD WOMBAT Restaurant Cafe

Est: 2008
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Coffee (House Blend): Custom Roasted premium beans from Honduras, Sumatra, Colombia
Machine: La Marzocco Linea.
Grinder: Mazzer

Coffee is our specialty. We take our coffee seriously and you will find that we serve only the best coffee available. Cortado, our supplier, Custom roasts our coffee to order and we continually strive to make sure we have the right blend for you to enjoy. We have been told many times that we have the best coffee this side of Melbourne. Our challenge to you is not to listen to stories, but come in and try it for yourself. Consistent coffees are served up daily....



At WILD WOMBAT we source premium quality products to provide you with the best coffee experience.

Coffee is our passion and together with Cortado, our roaster, our choice of beans are custom roasted to order and delivered weekly.

Our house blend is called Blood, Sweat & Tears (BST) which will stay the same throughout the year.
We will also be introducing new coffee (single origins) from exotic locations.
The single origins are seasonal so only the best will be offered.

Together with premium quality milk from Riverina, who pretty much send the milk to us direct from the cows without separating or doing other nasties to the milk. You get a nice coffee which will turn you into a snob and make other coffee taste bland.

We also use Bonsoy for all of our soy lovers and have Almond and Coconut milk from Milk Lab.

We grind to order and do not reheat the milk.

We sell bags of beans in 250g, 500g and 1 kilo bags or we can grind the beans for you.

Come and enjoy a Great Coffee now....